Join the ninja kingdom and defeat the rise of The Flame and his general  for free.

Grow a character and defeat monsters through an upgrade and skills system!

Grow a character and try cooperation content with a combination of weapons, and element power!

Game Feature:

- Available to grow and research through materials obtained by the hunting system.

- Upgrade weapon, element, and collection cards through materials acquired by the hunting stage.

- Go through the shop and buy your materials to shorten the time of grinding.

- It is easier to grind by upgrading skills.

- There is all chess card to choose from and action corresponding, choose them wisely and take <b>the best <b> position to shoot enemies.

     - Move type:

          - Pawn: Move horizontal & vertical 1 block, up to 5 blocks horizontal & vertical by skill upgrade.

          - Knight: Move by L draw and can be dealt dmg by skill upgraded.

          - King: Move around 1 block, up to 5 blocks around.

     - Attack type:

          - Bishop: Throw a weapon or element in the specific diagonal blocks, which can trigger throw addition to another diagonal.

          - Rook:  Throw a weapon or element in the specific horizontal & vertical blocks, and can trigger throw addition to another direction horizontal & vertical.

          - Queen: have rook & bishop ability, the most powerful piece of the attack type.

- Weapons:

     - Kunai: go through enemies behind the target.

     - Shuriken: shuriken storm around the target.

     - Arrow: dealt additional damage to the target.

- Elements: 

     - Mark the enemy with an element, and deal damage as soon as the same element is marked, up to 5 element stacks.

     - Include Thunder, Grass, Ice, Fire, Earth 

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